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Careers at Jubilee Residences

We want people to make their careers at Jubilee Residences.  We have permanent and casual employment opportunities for Continuing Care Aides, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, housekeeping, and food and nutrition services.  Management positions and other professional positions may also be available.  Jubilee is committed to a representative workforce for Aboriginal people.

Team Members are

the Lifeblood of

Jubilee's Caring Community

Kiss The Cook

For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s no different at Porteous Lodge.  On any given day, it’s not unusual to find some of the residents asking if they can help to get the next meal on the table. 

“They peel potatoes, peel carrots.  They chop, they dice,” says Carmene Doucette.  “I try to get them involved as much as I can.” 

Carmene Doucette is the head cook at Porteous.  She’s been the head cook for eleven years.  But her attempts to provide meaningful work in the kitchen for some of the residents have uncovered a few flaws.  The kitchen is small and there isn’t a proper workspace for the residents.  She’s hoping that will soon change. 

“I’ve asked for that on my wish list; a kitchen area for them with low counters where wheelchairs can fit underneath and low sinks where they can wash their dishes,” says Carmene.

Until her wish is granted and the funds for those modifications can be found, Carmene will continue to make due by bringing everything to the dining room and lowering one of the tables as much as she can.  Her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. 

“You get family members coming in and saying thank you for letting mom help because that’s what she used to do at home all the time,” says Carmene. 

While providing daily meals and snacks to the 100 plus residents at Porteous is important to Carmene, she believes it’s equally as important to make them feel at home and if being in the heart of the home gives them a sense of belonging, then she will continue to wish for a proper workspace on their behalf.


We strive to create an environment where team members can make a difference, and we encourage them to develop their strengths and passions in meeting our mission.  Our vision is for A Caring Community. A Caring environment for everyone (residents, family, team members, volunteers, community partners) that is characterized by respect, compassion, and support.  A community that is a vibrant dynamic home where individuals can age-in-place and a workplace where team members are valued.

Jubilee involves children, plants, and animals as part of a human habitat, providing residents with a rich living space, and team members with a dynamic workplace.

Staff health and well-being are a high priority.  An extensive benefits package is available to all employees through 3sHealth.  The majority of staff belong to Service Employees International Union (SEIU West); and the nurses belong to the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN).

Job postings and applications can be found on the Saskatoon Health Region website.

All new applicants for any position within Saskatoon Health Region who are not currently employed by SHR will be required to complete and return a valid (within the last six months) Employment Criminal Occurrence Security Check prior to being offered employment at Jubilee.  Please visit the Saskatoon Police Service website for more information.


Job Postings

Openings for Jubilee Residences are posted on the Saskatoon Health Region website.

Saskatoon Police Service

Criminal record checks are required before being offered employment at Jubilee.

ESL Classes

Check out University of Saskatchewan

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