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How To Help


Our accomplishments in the quality of care we provide are in large part because of the generous donations from the Saskatoon community. We appreciate everyone who donates, which allows our community members to continue benefiting from all the facilities and activities they currently enjoy while allowing us to improve the services we provide. Thank you for all your help in keeping Jubilee Residences open and accessible. 


Volunteer at Jubilee Residence in Saskatoon to enhance the lives of our seniors. Elders find new ways to enjoy life through other people, improving their mental state. You can do many things with our residences, and we greatly appreciate any help you can offer. 


We are looking for compassionate and caring individuals to join our team at Jubilee Residences. Whether you're looking for a full-time, part-time or casual position, Jubilee Residences has many opportunities available. If you're passionate about working at a retirement home, please get in touch.

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