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Stensrud Lodge

Stensrud Lodge is a home, not unlike most homes. There are daily activities and chores, time spent enjoying a delicious meal and people coming and going. At Stensrud Lodge, our focus is our residents. We support people with a variety of challenges and needs by providing assistance with their day-to-day living including nursing and spiritual care, social and recreational activities, physical and occupational therapy services, excellent meals and personal attention. Everything is done with the individual in mind. Stensrud Lodge contains a number of neighbourhoods made up of residents, their families and the staff who work in each neighbourhood. This model of living encourages the development of real relationships through meaningful contact, spontaneity, autonomy, joint-decision making, sharing of talents, activities, pet care and the ability to give and receive care. Stensrud Lodge is a 100-person accredited long-term care home located on McEown Avenue in the Nutana neighbourhood of Saskatoon.

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Move - Ins

Moving into Stensrud Lodge is handled by the Client Patient Assessment Services (CPAS) of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, as all long-term care spaces are prioritized on an urban or rural basis. 


Monthly charges are set by the Ministry of Health based on an individual’s income. Move-ins are limited to individuals who require assistance with all the activities of their daily living and who have been placed on the priority waiting list of CPAS, Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Rental Fees

$1305 - $3246

As of July 1st 2023

On August 1st and 2nd we had the opportunity to visit my mother, Evelyne at Stensrud Lodge. I booked the Saturday visit but was told due to staffing concerns I would not likely be able to visit on Sunday or holiday Monday.


Joy assisted with the first visit bringing my mother to the courtyard as planned. I was impressed with her compassion and personal caring for my mother. On Sunday she went beyond the call of her duties by helping to personally arrange a 2nd and final visit with Evelyne before we headed back to Calgary. My mother looked well cared for and as healthy as someone can be who is suffering from dementia. Please thank Joy on behalf of myself and my family for being an exceptional health care provider. Caring for such patients daily can be quite taxing. Know that you provide some peace of mind when we can not be there with our parents.

Monique D.

Eden  Alternative Family

Warmth Survey

Long Term Care

Resident & Family Experience Survey


  • 24-hour nursing care

  • Meals

  • Physical and occupational therapy

  • Social and recreational activities including a para-transit bus for outings

  • Spiritual and compassionate care

  • Medical care (provided by current family physicians, or by a physician who regularly visits the home

  • Lodge Community Association

  • Volunteer Program

  • Library services provided by the Saskatoon Public Library

Fee for Service

  • We Care Foot Care Program

  • Hairdresser

  • Contracted pharmacy and laboratory services

Welcome Booklet

We hope this booklet answers most questions you have about your new home.

Wish List

See what items residents at Porteous Lodge are requesting

Concern Form for

Stensrud Lodge

We hope that you will share any concern that you have.


On behalf of our Residents, Board of Directors, Management, Staff of Jubilee Residences, I want to recognize and acknowledge the successful nomination of the staff of Stensrud Lodge for the McClure Golden Heart award.  The nomination letter describes why you are so deserving of the award and recognition: "The staff at Stensrud Lodge are extra attentive, they show a sincere affection and consideration of our Mother as a human being; they truly care if she is happy or has concerns.  they are attentive to her individual needs and truly care if she is content with something that she is going to consume, a social game like bingo, or something more medical, like requiring a treatment for a medical issue.  They are very proactive, not reactive.  Being a senior is a very vulnerable position and it is so reassuring as her children to this care centre.  We truly appreciate this set of staff....." Commitment like yours really contributes to Jubilee Residences being a "caring community" and "A Great Place to Live, A Great Place to Work".  Thank you for your energy, your steadfast attendance to your duties, and for your kindness. Your efforts have a powerful and lasting impact upon our Jubilee Residences residents and our Jubilee community.

—  Robert (Bob) Cowan,

Former Board Chair

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